My Best (so far?)

The first Moodle for this week asks us what we believe has been our best learning experience we have designed so far since starting our degree. I knew immediately what it was but hesitated in using it as it was a a unit plan for HPE and it didn’t involve the use of ICTs. Or did it? Just because my lessons were outside with children engaging in running and ball games, doesn’t mean ICTs did not play a part in getting the children to where they were. No, the students were not using a tablet device actively engaging their brain. I was. I did all that. I spent weeks on that unit plan toiling in front of my laptop jumping between my Word document and the ACARA website ensuring everything matched up nicely. I used this website below for not only a cross culture experience but one of inclusion to engage the students in Fundamental Movement Skills. What I love about this is it has been designed for multiple age groups and can be adjusted for different skill levels. It most certainly is worth checking out for when we’re teachers and we need to construct sport lessons.

Yulunga 1

Leave a comment below with a link to something you believe is an amazing resource for all to use. The more we share, the more tools at our fingertips we have in creating fun and engaging classrooms for all students.


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